The University Place Veterans Plaza is moving to the entrance of Cirque Park following approval of the University Place Parks Commission and the University Place City Council at their meetings in June 2021.


Veterans Plaza Description

The Veteran’s Plaza design is based on a circle with concentric ring elements and radiation segments. The center section is a 40 foot diameter segmented concrete plaza ringed by nine flag poles. The U.S. flag pole is situated at the center, with six military service flag poles (US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Space Force), together with the Merchant Marines flag pole, the POW/MIA flag pole and the Washington State flag pole located at equal segments around the perimeter. Each flag pole will be lighted using flush ground mount LED light fixtures. In front of each of the perimeter eight service related flag poles will be a black granite pylon with the top surface polished and with the respective military insignia laser etched into the surface. A raised concrete panel located to the north end of the plaza will display a plaque to recognize those major donors who made this plaza possible.

Four additions to the exterior of the plaza will hold the donor tiles. Blank paver tiles will be in place with on-site etching of the tiles as more donors contribute to the plaza over time.


Anticipated Cost

The anticipated cost of the plaza is approximately $120,000 if the committee were to pay full price for all labor and materials. The committee is thankful that much of the donated manual labor will be provided by volunteer groups such as the JBLM 16th Combat Air Brigade, and by individuals. The cost of major plaza items such as flag poles, granite stone pylons, park benches and light fixtures that must be purchased is approximately $50,000. Many of these pieces have already been donated. Local suppliers of construction materials have already committed to provide their products either free of charge or at substantial reduction in cost. The committee is also thankful to the construction community in and around University Place to who have offered to donate their expertise and skilled labor for the installation of some key project elements and systems. Some of the skilled labor being donated are project construction management, rough and finish grading, concrete work, masonry work, paver tile setting work and electrical work.


Anticipated Schedule

The NEW University Place Veterans Plaza is currently under construction. We plan to have construction completed prior to our Dedication Ceremony on Veterans Day, November 11, 2021. Thank you for supporting this important addition to our city.